The concept

La Luciole by Tistéane® is a nomadic and eco-responsible solar lamp with a vintage look, designed to illuminate your outdoor spaces.

Equipped with a latest-generation monocrystalline solar panel, it collects and stores energy from the sun during the day. At dusk, just switch on your Luciole and enjoy a light both abundant and sieved, up to 15 hours of use with a single charge.
Wireless and fully autonomous, it comes supplied with an ergonomic metal handle for easy transportation and can be hung easily (Pot de Lait range).
Let your creativity speak and garnish it with dried flowers, stones, sand, pearls, shells… or anything that illuminates your imagination!


  • Nomadic and autonomous solar lamp, designed for indoor and outdoor use, your Luciole will follow you everywhere to illuminate your nights.
  • Ideal as a garden lantern, in the center of a table for a dinner on the terrace or balcony, on the floor for a beautiful light path, hanging from a branch or a wire thanks to its metal handle (Luciole Pot de Lait) …


The plastic lid (Twist Off neck 82mm) and metal handle (Luciole Pot de Lait) of your Luciole fit on most jars. Turn into an ingenious solar lamp your empty old mustard, mayonnaise, jam, honey, vegetables jars …




Place your Luciole in the off position and expose it to sunlight.

To ensure the longevity of the battery, the light switches off automatically when the charge level is below 10%.

In direct light, 1 hour charge gives 2 hours of light.
In case of indirect exposure (through a window), 1 hour of charge ensures 1 hour of light.